We're aiming high!
England's first fish and chip shops started to appear in the 1860s, quickly establishing a reputation for providing tasty, nutritious, fast meals.

At the Britannia, we aim to preserve and enhance this long tradition; we want you to enjoy the very best fish and chips possible - an experience that you'll want to repeat and to tell your friends about.

A simple formula
Quality starts with the best ingredients. Prepare and cook them perfectly, then serve them as they should be served.

Not rocket science - we just take great care to make the end result totally delicious!





Winter trawling in the North Sea; is there a tougher job?


The best fish
When you want to serve the best fish and chips, obviously, you have to start with the best fish! Britannia's owner as been in the trade for more than 30 years, so he knows exactly what he wants - and he's in regular contact with selected trawler skippers to make sure he gets it.

It has to be larger, frozen-at-sea fillets.

Why so? Well, larger fillets give a deeper, meatier portion. You'll immediately spot the difference if your last piece of cod was a miserably thin affair that was mostly batter and skin.

And our fillets are frozen at sea within 4 hours of being caught; "fresh" fish is on average caught 6 days before it lands on your plate!

The crispy coating
The famous Britannia Batter, made fresh in our kitchen daily. Of course the recipe is secret!


Some potatoes are more equal than others...
When you've gone to great lengths to make sure you have the best fish, there's no point in making chips out of just any old spud.

It has to be the great old English main crop, the Maris Piper - and preferably grown in Cambridgeshire. Its pale flesh has that proper balance between waxy and floury that responds so well to deep frying.

Peeled and chipped in-house just before cooking - you can't get better chips!


A perfect Maris Piper - dying to get from field to fryer!



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Bringing it all together
Our search for perfection means there is only one choice for our frying medium - it has to be premium Palm Oil; non-hydrogenated, trans- and additive-free, it boosts fish and chips' ratings in the healthy food stakes.

The best oil is combined with the best cooking range - our brand new, mega-expensive Italian range is state of the art and the best on the market.

The final touch
Takeaway fish and chips has to be served in butchers' paper - but only because newspaper is now (quite rightly!) deemed unsafe. Cardboard boxes detract from the experience.

But if you're eating in our restaurant, we hope you'll find our cool, modern decor and contemporary lighting a pleasant, comfortable environment.

Enjoy The Best of British Fast Food!

Britannia Fish and Chips Restaurant and Takeaway: 7 The Hard : Portsea : Portsmouth : PO1 3DT