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Britain's great naval heritage

Portsmouth is renowned as the home of HMS Victory, flagship of Britain's greatest-ever naval hero, Horation Nelson. Completed in 1765, the Victory was home to a crew of up to 800. She carried Nelson to victory over the French and Spanish at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, though Nelson, pacing the quarterdeck, was wounded by a French sniper late on in the battle, tragically dying from his wound a short time later.

Portsmouth's Historic Naval Dockyard provides a fascinating tour of the world's most famous warship, along with many other attractions, including:

- the Mary Rose, which sank off Portsmouth in 1545 in full view of King Henry VIII; the bulk of the hull was raised in 1982. It is exhibited, still undergoing conservation, along with more than 1,000 artefacts.

- HMS Warrior, the world's first iron-hulled warship; when launched in 1860, she was the biggest, fastest, most fearsome warship afloat.

                   HMS Victory in her home, Number 2 Dry Dock  The Mary Rose - more than 350 years old!  HMS Warrior - so mighty, she never needed to fire her guns in anger

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    The Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf Quays
At 170 metres tall - roughly the equivalent of a 55-storey building - the Spinnaker Tower is a fantastic, futuristic landmark that's visible for miles in every direction.

A high-speed lift whizzes you to the viewing areas in 30 seconds, where you'll find 3 viewing decks, all with 350 degree views.

The first level, at 100 metres, houses the largest glass floor in Europe; you can look straight down to the ground between your feet. If you're brave enough!

Level 2 also has full-height panoramic windows, with great interactive learning facilities that bring alive Portsmouth's historic seafaring connections.

The Crow's Nest is open to the elements and, at 110 metres, provides the best views. Talking Telescopes help you make the most of the experience.

                        Portsmouth's answer to the London Eye - only better! On the left is the black hull of Warrior; behind that, Victory's foremast  Glass is pretty strong, isn't it?   Constantly-changing lighting effects mean that the Tower takes on a whole new character at night  Looking north from Level 1 shows the train station, HMS Warrior and the Historic Dockyards, with Victory's masts just visible towards the top left

Check out their website - and be sure to look for the linked ticket that gives you discounted entry to the Historic Dockyard:



Gunwharf Quays
Originally established as a naval ordnance yard in the 17th century, Gunwharf Quays is now Portsmouth's newest and most prestigious indoor retail centre.

With more than 100 classy shops, restaurants and bars, some of them based on the waterfront promenade, the Quays provide an interesting route for a leisurely stroll from the Spinnaker Tower to the Historic Naval Dockyard. You'll pass the Britannia Fish Bar on the way - so don't resist the temptation to grab a coffee and a portion of fish and chips!

The centre is really well connected; there are 1500 underground (which here means below sea level!) car park spaces, and it adjoins the bus and train stations. Plus there are good ferry connection to and from the Isle of Wight. Could shopping actually become enjoyable?

          Inside Gunwharf Quays; light and airy - and it never rains!  Gunwharf Quays promenade - great views across the busy harbour  The Quays at dusk



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